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My   Name   IS

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I'm 23 years old EDM DJ

and jr. Producer 

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When I was 18, I battled a severe health issue. I've been solving it for two years. I spent all that time alone with music.

When I reached 20, I applied for university to become a dentist as this is what my parents had always wanted for me.

However, when it came to my 21st birthday, I finally realised that I've been living a life that hadn't intended for me.

I decided to quit my medical studies and swore to myself: "I would do anything to achieve my dream of making inspirational music".
I gambled everything and started my new chapter. I hope I can inspire through my music, so I can convince people they should live to the fullest.

I truly believe in "dreams", "happiness" and "love". These are the things you should strive to find in life. There is more to life than just having money. We all are human beings, not wallets.


Please, listen to my mixes and first demo tracks below. Hope You'll enjoy it

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